Our QR code system was also introduced at the “Promotion Council”


Our system using the QR code nail jell sticker was also introduced at the “Prefectural and City Governments and Designated Cities Promotion Council for Measures against Dementia” hosted by Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare Office for promoting Measures against Dementia. This Office introduced the promotion of an approach to the elderly with dementia who are missing or unidentified and the like as follows:

“We would appreciate it if local residents could positively take a multilayered approach such as putting the QR code jell sticker on the body, clothing, or belongings, which leads to the identity confirmation and protection of those who have wandered away, depending on local circumstances.
Expenses required for this type of approach are intended for the project for watching for the elderly with dementia in the category of the unprescribed projects of the area support projects.”

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“Promotion Council for Measures against Dementia.”