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Welcome to the website of ORANGE LINKS Co., Ltd.

We want to watch for the elderly who become unable to return to their homes or care houses from a place where they ended up.

image of stepping out of their homes or care houses

The QR code nail jell sticker to be put on fingernails or toenails

Image of the QR code nail jell sticker


Recently we see a large social problem with those who have often been taken into protective custody by police or fire authorities after they stepped out of their homes or care houses for the elderly before anyone knew, and/or they became unable to return home from a place where they ended up in Japan. It is said that the number of such missing persons is 17,000 or more every year.

Our company has developed and released a “system for watching for the elderly using QR code nail jell sticker” this time. This is an entirely new system that enables police or fire authorities to inquire a contact such as care houses about one’s identity by reading a QR code (Note 1) on the QR code nail jell sticker attached to fingernails or toenails of the elderly using a smartphone application.

We sincerely hope that this system will be of service to elderly people to live at ease in a region where they get used to for living. See the content of “Service/Product” for details.

Note 1:The QR code is a registered trademark of DENSO WAVE INCORPORATED.


News & Topics

Organizations from Thailand, Vietnam, Singapore, and China working on aging in Asia came to Japan
Our company was selected as one of the “SDGs Companies “
We received the grand prize at the Asian Health and Longevity Innovation Awards 2022.
We were interviewed by the New York Times (international edition)
Obtained a patent for a watching system that applies AR (Augmented Reality) technology
Proposing new businesses that utilize QR codes and various sensors.
Collaboration with Television Saitama & Aioi Nissay Dowa Insurance
Our QR Code jell Nail sticker was introduced in “NHK(Japan Broadcasting Corporation)
Collaboration with railroad company & police station.
Our company received interviews from Denmark National Broadcasting
“QR code nail sticker system” was introduced at the event of the Swedish embassy.
We announced a “Wakayama College of Technology / Next Generation Techno Salon”.
We were selected as a company exhibiting “Saitama Prefcture Venture Market in 2017.”
Our QR code nail jell sticker system was introduced in “Monthly automatic recognition January issue”.
We participated in the 19th automatic recognition comprehensive exhibition
“Management Innovation Plan” was approved by the Governor
Notice of office relocation
We participated in the meeting of 32nd International Conference of ADI.
Response to nail seal with sophisticated design
The QR code nail jell sticker was introduced in the media .
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