We were able to get the cooperation of NPO Association


We were able to get the cooperation of NPO (incorporated nonprofit organization) Association, International Safe Safety Society.

We have developed a system using the QR code nail jell sticker for the purpose of finally confirming one’s identity so that the elderly can live in peace in a familiar region. Under these circumstances, we became aware that this organization was working from various perspectives for “safety of children, security of women” on a daily basis, and we were able to hear about the situation of such activities from Mr. Hidemoto Yabusaki, Senior Director of this organization.

We were strongly impressed to know that they were capitalizing on the past fruits of research for the purpose of the crime and disaster prevention at homes and in regions, the preparations for accidents, disasters, crimes, etc. in every aspect of one’s life and business, the preventive and controlling measures against danger and crisis, and the measures for safety during going overseas on assignment and traveling abroad, and that they were supporting the foregoing various types of approaches.

Mr. Eigen Yabusaki, Senior Director told us that they intended to give us a chance of receiving instructions and advices, having cooperation, and exchanging information. We would appreciate such opportunity very much.

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