Management Principle

Management Principle

Five commitments by ORANGE LINKS

  1. We believe that it is the first priority to contribute to our users.

    A five cmmmitments.

    We believe that it is the first priority to contribute to our users.
    From the same view point with our users, ORANGE LINKS is willing to listen to them for every little thing they say.Each one of the employees will try to daily review whether or not we have been able to contribute to our users.

  2. We will follow up for our users to the end.
    We are confident that ORANGE LINKS is offering a useful product.However, even if any user should feed back with a negative opinion, we will get the facts straight with an open mind, and will promptly offer an appropriate solution to a problem on such user, if any.In addition, we will be making improvements to our system and service on an ongoing basis.
  3. We propose that AIDC (Automatic Identification and Data Capture Techniques) should be utilized.
    Now, ORANGE LINKS have developed and released a system for confirming an identity of the elderly who have become unable to return home, and then been taken into protective custody of police and fire authorities, etc.This is a system for watching for the elderly using the QR code (a trademark of DENSO WAVE INCORPORATED).
  4. We aim for a working place where each one of the employees can play an active role with wisdom and idea on one’s mind.
    ORANGE LINKS promises that each one of the employees will make continuing efforts to find out about frontline needs with ongoing awareness of problems and without stopping in the present status.We feel confident that our know-how or idea is sure to be useful for society.
  5. We strive to contribute to society as a company.
    ORANGE LINKS has the employees and collaborators with a great deal of experience who are working enthusiastically. As a corporate citizen, we intend to make people’s life happier in cooperation with our partners such as those who are versed in the technology for automatic recognition of two dimensional symbols, care managers who know details of field situations, and manufactures which can professionally work on the minimization of the QR code nail jell sticker. We believe that this human relationship will eventually contribute to society.