Collaboration with railroad company & police station.



“Training for saying something to anyone wandering away” was conducted by collaboration with railroad company & police station.

A training calling out to correctly understand dementia and to learn how to contact with people who are wandering and to protect it was held on November 18 (Sun) in Iruma-city, Saitama Prefecture. This time, the closest railroad company and the nearest police station worked together.

This initiative is held four times a year, each year by self-governing associations and civil society groups in nine districts of Iruma-city. A local junior high school student also participated and a “Training for saying something to anyone wandering away” was carried out and participants who discovered a wandering person contacted a station staff member or a police box member and simulated until protection.

Training seen1
【Training seen1】
A junior high school student is calling out to those who wander in the station premises.
Training seen2
【Training seen2】
It is a baton touch from a junior high school student to a station stuff member.
Training seen3
【Training seen3】
Finally, it is baton touch from the station stuff member to the nearest police station stuff member.

In Iruma City, where aging is progressing, the proportion of current elderly people is 28.1%. About 15 disaster-prevention radio broadcasts pertaining to the lost person seem to be broadcasted annually.

For these reasons, our company’s QR code seal was registered telephone number for identity verification has been distributed to those who are afraid of wandering people.