How to use the QR code nail jell sticker system


When those who have wandered away go missing, police officers account for 30 percent of the persons who finally take them into protective custody. If passersby, shop staff, etc are added, they account for about 60 percent in total.As the police make contact in the end, it appears that a large part of the persons who take them into protective custody are the police (an excerpt from “Watching for the people with dementia and SOS network actual examples—Aiming for a town where we can live in peace and safely (edited by Ms. Kumiko Nagata)).

The QR code nail jell sticker will be distributed from the organizations such as local government offices and care houses to individuals at home, etc, and then be attached over there.It works like this: If any person, who has wandered away, goes missing and then is taken into protective custody of the police, his or her identity will be finally confirmed using this sticker.

A flow of the QR code nail jell sticker system