Intent and purpose of company formation

Japan’s population is currently aging at such a high speed that has never been experienced by other countries, and Japan has become [a super-aging society] where one out of four persons is aged 65 or over.Japanese society, which stands out among advanced countries for aging of population, is now attracting keen attention from within and without about the future way of being and measures. On the other hand, concurrently with the progress of such super-aging society, a social problem with those who become unable to return home from a place where they ended up and then are taken into protective custody of police or other authorities has come to the surface. The number of persons who go missing exceeds 10,000 every year.

Under these circumstances, we studied a system capable of confirming the identity of these persons when they are taken into protective custody, and have now developed and released a system for finally confirming one’s identity by reading a QR code (a trademark of DENSO WAVE INCOPORATED) – including the contact information that enables such confirmation – printed on the QR code nail jell sticker attached to the fingernails, toenails, or back.

[Society where one can be oneself and live on an ongoing basis]In order to realize such society, we believe that we will have to solve a variety of social problems and challenges continually all together after the people from every walk of life and generation, which include the administrative agencies such as the nation, prefectural and city governments, and municipalities, the police and fire authorities, the professionals, and the local residents, have given and exchanged their wisdom and idea. We have decided to set up a company so as to help them with such solution to the best of our ability.

August, 2015
Representative Director, Ms. Yukiko Yoshida