We have developed a new QR code nail jell sticker in design .


This time, we have developed “a design QR code nail jell sticker” decorated with floral patterns in addition to the conventional sticker for the purpose of improving the quality of life (QOL).

We felt that an old lady, who tried out this design sticker for monitoring, showed a more cheerful expression on her face.
We believe that not only those who wander away but also their families and staff of care houses can make best use of the QR code nail jell sticker by putting this sticker on their nails in an easy-to-wear and joyful manner.Our foremost desire is that the persons concerned would feel like the QR code nail jell sticker is a good-luck charm.

It is our pleasure that this sticker will be utilized as one of the means for creating “a town with the safety net for those who wander away.”

Specially-designed stickers(The standard sticker is on the lower left.)